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Birthing of Glory@Work International

Growing up as a young boy I was truly blessed to have a Grandfather who not only had a passion for Business, but one who loved God deeply, and gave to the planting of several Churches. My Grandfather was my mentor and one who gave me the foundation I needed in Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart at a very young age and my Grandfather always took me to Church with him every Sunday until I relocated to Toronto, Canada to finish my education. Relocating to Toronto and not having the continuing mentoring from my Grandfather caused me to drift away from God due to me devoting more of my time to sports. However, the Holy Spirit was always drawing me back to Him. It was not until I had a personal encounter, visitation with God that radically changed my life for the better. That day God showed me my heart, and imparted into me not only a Refiner's Fire, but a deep love and thirst for Him. God also gave me a revelation pertaining to a natural heart, and a spiritual heart. It was an awesome revelation that I will never forget.


Receiving the infilling of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts1:8) allowed me to grow in Christ, and with it came understanding, knowledge, wisdom, revelation and an anointing. Sure I walked through many test and trials like Joseph did, but all a part of God's beautiful hand of preparation on my life. Joseph also went through God's boot camp that prepared him for his call to go from prisoner to Prime Minister to save a Nation. From early in life, Joseph embraced the destiny passed down through the generations of his family line. A timeline begins when a person fully embraces his or her place in the general calling to live as a part of God's Kingdom. For us, that means the starting point of the timeline is the Lordship Decision when we make Jesus master of our choices as well as Savior, and embrace His design for our destiny.


 I learnt quickly that being humble and having a good attitude both in the valleys and on the mountain tops  was  essential to my spiritual growth. As I grew in Christ I became very involved in Marketplace Ministry serving the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (FGBMF), and other marketplace ministries building strategic relationships that are important to my calling and vision.That vision, empowering and transforming individuals to bring transformation to Communities, Cities and Nations.


In the early part of 1993 at a Prophetic Conference in Barbados I received two very anointed and powerful Prophetic Words that were released over me by Prophets Leon Walters and Antoine Williams that spoke right to my heart and set me on a pathway to my calling. I knew without any doubt it was God speaking to me through His Prophets, just as the Samaritan women at the well knew when Jesus ministered to her prophetically about her life, (John 4:1-19). Those prophetic words released over me helped me to understand why I was undergoing severe testing. As confirmed by the word, God was preparing me to be used as "Bread" for a hurting people and for the Nations.


In that same year, after the Prophetic Words were released I was on a business trip to Trinidad & Tobago. I was traveling in a taxi going to my appointment at the Trinidad Cement Company as I supplied the company with Kraft Paper Sacks for their cement product. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, "I am going to use you to take My Glory into the marketplace". God was asking me for my commitment to answer His call on my life. I argued with God like Moses, that I did not have the ability to answer His call. God quickly responded, "My son you can". After realizing God was not willing to allow me to escape I agreed that I would serve God. However, If God’s plan was to use me, I wanted to see results in individuals being healed, delivered, and transformed by His power. I was tired of dead, powerless, religious Churches where individuals come Sunday after Sunday and leave without God’s touch. I shared with God my heart and how I felt. I asked God to allow me to minister with His Presence, Power & Anointing wherever I go as I wanted individuals to truly meet with Jesus and experience His love and healing touch. Out of those encounters came the birthing of the ministry Glory@Work International. 


The vision of Glory@Work International: Empowering and Transforming individuals by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

A Releaser of His Glory & Power

In 1998 in obedience to the Holy Spirit, I relocated to Destin, Florida. I spent the next sixteen (16) years under the leadership of Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International, the father of the Prophetic Movement. There I attended the Christian International Ministry Training College (CIMTC). I graduated with a degree in Prophetic Ministry and was ordained by Dr. Bill in April 2003.


Under Dr. Bill’s leadership and mentoring, I receive in-depth knowledge of Church history. Dr. Bill imparted much to me and activated my Spiritual gifts. I received many revelations from the Holy Spirit on the Apostolic and Prophetic movements. While there every Friday evening I participated in the School of the Holy Spirit and ministered prophetically to hundreds of individuals nationally and internationally.


I became Vice-President of the Christian International Business Network (CIBN) which was a ministry to the marketplace. I was also involved with the Argentina Transformation Movement led by Pastor Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism. In my ministry, I was able to travel to many Nations meeting with Presidents to Leaders in Government and the Private Sector. I have given Apostolic and Prophetic Counsel to Businessmen and Pastoral Leaders at their request.


I continued my association as a Life Member of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMFI) both as a National Director, Regional Coordinator, and International Trainer. On many occasions, my Apostolic Counsel was sought by the then past International President Dr. Richard Shakarian. I re-wrote the Vision, Purpose and Mission Statement for (FGBMFI) and was very instrumental in the direction and decision that allowed women to be accepted as Members and Chapter Presidents into the Fellowship.

Braunschweig, Germany

Individuals touched Supernaturally by the Power of the Holy Spirit. (Above Photo)


Mark is gifted by God with a strong Apostolic/Prophetic mantel that has authority over strongholds that hinder the transformation of Communities, Cities, and Nations. He understands that peaceful and successful Cities are crucial to developing and developed Nations. He flows with a supernatural anointing to empower individuals to become transformation agents in their sphere of influence in there Community.


Scripture challenges us to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). If we always have soulish reactions to what we see and hear, we would quickly find ourselves in a sad, disheartening place. I'm grateful for the admonition to walk by faith, it's full of hope, promise, reminders of God's faithfulness, and so much more.


We must begin to Decree and Declare the Word of God over our Communities, Cities, and Nation. Scripture is clear and states that when we decree a thing the Light of God shines upon it, (Job 22:28). We must intercede both individually and corporately and cry out to God for the restoration of every broken and evil gate into our City.


Mark is called as a Prophet to the Nations. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5).


If it is your desire to impact and transform your Community, City and grow your Church invite me over to empower, impart, activate, and release your Business Men/Women into the marketplace where they can become change agents and conduits of His Power and Glory.