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Why A Coach?


Just as an athlete needs a coach to perform effectively, you too whether you are an individual, professional leader, or pastor, you need a coach to maximize your true potential. You need a coach to help you determine your Life Purpose/Calling. Many of us are trying to do something we were never created, or gifted to do. This leads to frustration, much stress, unhappiness, and health issues. 


Coaching is about discovery. Finding the roadblocks that keep you from performing successfully.


This is where you find my PASSION, and hear my heart. It is my second home where I get a chance to connect with individuals like you. I’ve spent most of my life in the corporate world working with leaders and professionals around the globe. Like you and me, they all have opportunities and challenges, professionally and personally.


What has become clear to me is that personal stress, navigating work-life balance, learning to resolve conflicts, providing healthy and helpful leadership in the marketplace, at work, in ministry, or at home, and really making a difference in the lives of individuals are tough things to do, especially when all the needs are there all the time, and right before you in a world moving and changing quickly.


Quite frankly, most of us struggle. But that’s OK because that is how we grow, gain understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and experience. It’s part of the Master’s Plan, your journey of being in the valleys and on the mountain tops in discovering your life purpose/calling. The "GOOD NEWS" is you can overcome those challenges. Don't be stuck in the valleys. There are principles, core values, and skills that we can master that can turn our obstacles, and pain into great opportunities. That’s my passion, and what gets me going each morning. The thought that I can help an individual like you live a vital, healthy, dynamic, full, meaningful and blessed life, both professionally and personally is exciting to me.


Most of the individuals I coach are successful professionally. Some don’t need my help on the professional side as much as they do on the personal side. You may be just like them. I want to help you like I’ve been able to help thousands from countries around the globe make a life and not just a living. I don’t want you to “go to the grave with the music still in you,” as George Bernard Shaw said. I want you to see your music played out in all areas of your life. After all, you are a whole person. I want to see your life maximized, with you walking out your life purpose/calling in the fullness of God. You fulfilling your destiny is so important to me.


So, welcome to my second home. Feel my passion, hear my heart, look around and feel at home. Visit as often as you would like, and let me know how I can help you find the pathway to happiness and success. Those of us who have been truly blessed have a responsibility to invest to influence in making this World we live in a better place.



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