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My Story

Corporate Miracle in the Marketplace


When I look back at what I was able to achieve in my life at such a young age, I am truly humbled as I know it was only possible through the grace of a loving God. 


The responsibility of undertaking the vision of establishing the first rotogravure printing and packaging facility in the Caribbean Region called for a visionary, and one with discernment and wisdom. I was only in my mid-twenties when the journey began responsible for establishing the facility, and for millions of dollars pertaining to the said investment. The securing of the loan was in itself a miracle.


Soon after I graduated I incorporated my own business which started out as a small commercial printing company. In the initial years, the company enjoyed excellent profitability and we expanded on more than one occasion but we were soon to hit a place where it became difficult to continue our level of profitability. Many additional players entered the playing field with several small start-up printing companies opening their doors in the marketplace. The commercial printing industry had become a cutthroat business. I was working about twelve hours a day and still was not seeing the results of our former years. 


After carefully assessing the situation, I knew I had to make a critical decision. Either I had to get out of the business or specialize and find a particular niche, targeted markets that would put me ahead of my competition. After much research, and careful consideration I made a decision to specialize in high-quality rotogravure paperboard packaging and focus on securing high volume orders from fortune 500 companies. This approach required a considerable amount of planning and investment. I purchased a Bobst Champlain Lemanic 650 one of the most high tech printing and in-line die-cutting presses in the world. Actually, when I purchased that piece of equipment, there were only six such printing presses in the world. My competition said I was crazy and would never be able to secure the orders necessary to keep the machine productive as it produced folding box cartons at a speed of over 1,000 feet of paperboard per minute. Not only was I going to have to compete for market share locally, but regionally and internationally which was no easy task.

Although I was the largest shareholder, President & CEO of the new operation, PrinterPack, Ltd., I spent a considerable amount of my time developing our Sales & Marketing Department while training Sales Associates in the process. Humbly, my approach to marketing was so successful that we won the Exporter of the Year Award (Photo Above) from the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation (BIDC) as well as becoming profitable in our very first year of operation. 


We secured clients throughout the Caribbean Region, Latin America, South and North America. Contracts were secured from major fortune 500 companies. We produced packaging for companies such as West Indian Tobacco Company, Ltd., R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colgate Palmolive, British American Tobacco, McDonalds Restaurants, Burger King Restaurants, The Carreras Group, Barbados Dairy Industries, Jamaica Citrus Growers, Land O'Lakes and many others.

During my thirty-five years in the corporate world, I have traveled to almost every Continent meeting with leaders of the Private Sector, Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Suppliers, Clients, Prospects and Strategic Relationships.

Being the visionary behind PrinterPack, Ltd., incorporating and managing the largest Printing & Packaging manufacturing facility in the Caribbean Region and being able to compete in regional and international markets was due to my strong faith in God, my values, principles, and my corporate experience.

I also owned an international paper brokering company, Paper Sales Corporation that represented major paper and paperboard suppliers globally. The experience gained in my position of President and CEO of these two operations has allowed me to gain valuable experience while working with individuals of various cultures as I traveled to many Nations.


My passion is International Business, Marketplace Ministry. Life & Career Coaching. Equip, Empower, Release individuals into their Calling by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The above is my story, and I am willing to share my life experiences with you in helping you to find your calling, and a beautiful life filled with excitement, success, peace, and happiness.


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